Cliffet™ - Double Sided Transparent MAGIC TAPE

Cliffet™ - Double Sided Transparent MAGIC TAPE

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This may be the BEST tape you've ever used due to it's outstanding adhesiveness and great waterproof ability! It defies gravity and holds items of up to 20 pounds!

Its water resistant and long lasting, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. So whether you're mounting shelves or home decor in your new apartment or adding a wall organizer to the garage, Cliffet™-Tape does the job. Just use it on clean and dry surface for best result.


1. Washable, can be reused more than 600 times.

2. It is easily removable and will not damage your walls or surfaces.

3. The super strong gel which is washable and reusable has an infinite amount of potential uses.

4. Double-sided adhesive which is transparent. 

5. Keep items in place without slipping.




Main Material: Nano PU Gel

Color: Transparent as in picture

Size: 500*3*0.1cm(5m/set), 300*3*0.1cm(3m/set), 100*3*0.1cm(1m/set)